A Guide to Blindfolds, Masks and Gags

Blindfolds, masks and gags can enhance any play session and offer a wonderful introduction to the world of BDSM. Remember, not all bondage play has to be laden with whips, chains and a dash of pain. Bondage can also be intensely romantic, soft and sensual, building trust between lovers whilst keeping relationships fun and fresh.

Blindfolds and Masks

A simple blindfold naturally heightens other senses as sight is obstructed creating an atmosphere of anticipation, sexual tension and excitement. Blindfolds and Masks help to build confidence for a partner that may worry about what their lover can see, opening up a world of opportunities to try new things. Masks can be a first step into the world of role play allowing us to take on new identities and support our lover’s fantasies.


Like all sex toys, Gags come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials. They are designed to muffle the submissive partner during BDSM play, ensuring erotic moaning is softened. There are many different types of gags but ball gags are by far the most popular. Gags can be intimidating at first but find one that suits you and it can add an exciting edge to domination and submission play.

How to Get Started with Blindfolds, Masks and Gags