Quick Guide to Dildos

Quick Guide to Dildos aims to answer some questions you may have when choosing a dildo. With a huge range of textures, materials and functionalities you might want a few tips to help you chose your perfect dildo. Be warned, stopping at just one might be difficult!

Something a little different?

For those just starting out on their journey, small dildos offer an excellent place to begin. For those with a little more experience, our range of large dildos are the perfect toys for a totally fulfilling experience. Check out our selection of realistic dildos to get as close as possible to the real thing, or give our glass dildos a try if you’re interested in experimenting with temperature.

Can’t find the information you need about a dildo? Jump on our live chat where one of our team members will help to answer any of your remaining questions. At passionbugs, we know our dildos!