A Quick Guide to Penis Extenders, Enlargers & Pumps

Penis pumps are a workout for your penis, their very own bodybuilding regime. Pumps work by creating an airtight vacuum around your penis. Pumping causes suction which in turn increases the blood flow in your penis helping your member to grow and become erect. Regular use of a penis pump can increase girth and length as well as improving sexual stamina and prolonged erections.

Water penis pumps use the same method, but instead of using air to create suction, guess what, they use water. Water creates a more consistent, powerful and uniform vacuum and this can result in extra growth.

Both types of penis pumps are very simple to use.

How to use an air penis pump

Apply a water-based lube around the opening and position your penis against your body to ensure a good seal. Pump slowly until fully your penis is fully erect. Once erect slowly release the air pressure gauge. Repeat for no longer than 20 minutes. For best results, you should use your pump regularly.

How to use a water penis pump

Fill the cylinder with water and insert your flaccid penis, pressing back against your groin for a good seal. Then slowly pump. This action will increase the pressure inside the chamber whilst drawing blood into your penis helping to engorge it. Maximum pressure has been achieved as soon as the water stops coming out of the end. Hold for 5-6 minutes before flicking the quick-release valve. Repeat up to 3 times.

Why buy a penis pump?

There are so many reasons to invest in your penis. A little extra helping of girth and length is always nice. Prolonged erections, stronger, harder erections and improved sexual stamina will only serve for a better sex life for you and your partner. Solo play will be wild and let’s not forget your self-confidence too. Sexual well being is so important for us all. Embrace the pumps lads. Do it for you and your lover.

Hollow Strap On Dildos

This type of dildo enables you to add extra length and girth instantly. They are also ideal for men that may struggle with premature ejaculation or erectile disfunction. A hollow strap on can enable a fuller sex life that leaves you both far less frustrated and far more satisfied. 

Penis Sleeves and Extenders

All penis sleeves and extenders do similar things. They all add some extra girth and/or length to your penis but you will discover there are many different types:

Some have closed ends whilst others are open-ended so you can still experience the magical moment of climax together.

Some are smooth whilst others are textured so consider what type of stimulation you are looking for. If you want a more intense experience look for a sleeve or extender with significantly raised nubs and ridges. 

Some sleeves and extenders come with a ball loop or ball strap. This is designed to fit comfortably around the testicles to ensure it stays in place no matter how heated the play becomes. This strap can also add pleasurable pressure to the perineum enhancing the man’s experience. 

Clear sleeves and extenders are good for couples who enjoy watching their bodies working together.

If you need more information than this quick guide to penis extenders provides, jump on the live chat and a member of our customer service team will be happy to help.