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Browse our range of the best selling male sex toys. Whether you’re looking to enhance your sexual performance, boost the size of your penis or simply find a toy that delivers big time on a happy ending, passionbugs are only too pleased to help. And remember boys, these male sex toys aren’t just for your pleasure and solo play. Why not introduce them to a naughty night with your partner?

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Male sex toys are growing in popularity as more of us discover the many advantages of sex toys for men.  Males sex toys help us to explore the male G-spot. Doing so unlocks one of the most effective ways for men to achieve more powerful orgasms.

Research has shown that 4 orgasms a week reduces the risk of prostate cancer for men. It can reduce by up to 33%. The average male orgasm lasts for about six seconds. The average female orgasm lasts for about 23 seconds. Invest in some male sex toys and help your man to experience longer-lasting orgasms.

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