Best Sex Toys For Swingers

Best Sex Toys for Swingers

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Step into the world of swingers and you step into a world full of passion, pleasure and fun! These people know how to enjoy life. Whether it’s a swinging party or a swingers club, a private meet or a hotel takeover, the swingers lifestyle is gaining momentum like never before. No longer the exclusive property of couples behind closed doors, this open minded attitude is being embraced by people of all ages, relationship status and sexualities. And with its growing popularity, events and venues are  popping up all over the UK. From hip and trendy nightclubs to suave and sophisticated members clubs, swinging parties are the place to be.

In this blog passionbugs wants to share some of the best sex toys for swingers.

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What Makes a Sex Toy Suitable for Swingers?


Let’s look at the practicalities of taking sex toys to swinging parties. The best sex toys for swingers need to be:

  • Small and travel friendly
  • Versatile
  • Independently powered without the need for mains electricity
  • Simple to use
  • Waterproof
Swinging Club

Nobody wants to be lugging around their toy box from home or a heavy backpack and even if they did, it’s highly unlikely the clubs or venues will allow it. Choosing toys that can be popped into your pocket or a small handbag along with your condoms and lubes will be far easier. Plus these toys would intrude on the action.

Versatility comes in handy. If you have a sex toy with multiple functions then this reduces the need to carry an assortment of toys.

Choosing a sex toy that is independently powered makes more sense than a mains powered sex toy. Opting for battery powered or rechargeable toys with a good run time will ensure your sex toy lasts as long as the party.

Make sure your chosen sex toy is easy to use. Nobody wants to be getting out a manual or their reading glasses in the darkness of a club. Toys with one touch control will ensure fumble free play.

Having waterproof toys means you can enjoy them in the hot tub, spa and showers making for lots more play options.

Ten Best Sex Toys and Essentials for Swingers

Cock Rings

Screaming O RingO Stretchy Cock Ring Set Main

Remember we mentioned versatility… The cock ring has to be one of the most versatile sex toys to take to a swinging event. These clever rings can perform a number of very handy functions.

  • Support an erection helping you to last longer (something lots of penis owners worry about)
  • Can be a confidence booster for newbies that may find the club experience a little daunting to begin with
  • Cock rings provide another dimension of stimulation through textures and vibrations
  • Wrapping a stretchy cock ring around your fingers can turn it into a handy finger vibrator perfect for teasing nipples, necks, the clitoris, penis shafts and even testicles.
  • Popping a vibrating cock ring onto a dildo or strap on transforms it into a vibrating dildo

Penis Sleeves & Extenders

Similar to cock rings, in the fact that these bad boys can help to maintain an erection for longer, a penis sleeve or extender has a few other tricks up its sleeve (quite literally!)

Going back to the theme that some men or penis owners may worry about their performance and even feel inadequate when they see other “members”. Penis Sleeves and penis extenders help to add a little  extra girth and length which can be a boost to confidence and can help swingers to relax about their sexual prowess.

Screaming O Fingo Wavy Clear On Finger

Finger Vibrators

Super compact and powerful, a finger vibe is easy to carry and makes a great addition to any play. Regardless of gender or sexuality, a finger vibrator can be used to arouse nipples, the clitoris, testicles and the perineum. Because they sit on your finger they are easy to control and totally non-intrusive.

Bullet Vibrators

No swinger should be without Bullet Vibrator. Why? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Small
  • Non-intimidating
  • One touch control for ease of use
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Cheaper and more affordable than other types of vibrator

Mini Vibrating Wand

We’re not talking about your plug in variety. Nor are we referring to the larger Vibrating Wands that would require a suitcase not a handbag. That just isn’t going to work. But a mini rechargeable or battery model… yes please!

Who doesn’t want a sensual massage in such an erotic environment?

Precious Metals Heart Shaped Butt Plug Heart

Butt Plugs

Talk about non-intrusive, these guys have it nailed. Slip one in and nobody needs know unless you want them to. Butt Plugs can be worn to elevate oral sex, sexual intercourse or just for foreplay and fun. Choose a metal or glass version and they can even be heated up or cooled down for extra excitement.

We’ve even heard of a party where the hostess had butt plugs “on ice” for her guests.


Strokers are possible the easiest sex toy to use. Often made from silicone or a jelly like material with textured ribs, nubs and ridges on the inside. As the stroker is moved up and down the penis shaft these added textures provide extra thrills and spills to elevate a hand job. Open ended strokers can be used to elevate blowjobs too!

Petite and flexible, these masturbators easily fit in a pocket or handbag making them great swinging accessories.

Nipple Suckers

Possibly the smallest of all sex toys, nipple suckers are super simple to use, super quick to get results and add a little extra va va voom to any sexual activity. They are also non gender specific meaning any one can use them.

Skins Assorted Flavoured Latex Condoms (12 Pack) - Scattered foil packets


An absolute must when attending any swinging event. Safe sex is the best sex and all clubs will have strict rules around protection and practising safe sex.

Taking a variety of Condoms with you will ensure you are prepared.

  • Flavoured condoms will ensure every blowjob is a tasty treat
  • Delay condoms may help to extend play
  • Ribbed and pleasure condoms will add another dimension of sensations to sex
  • Latex free will ensure you are able to play with anyone regardless of allergies


Lube is a must in the swinging scene. Let’s face it all that sex and play is going to result in some pretty nasty friction burns if precautions aren’t taken.

Not only will lube make sure things slide and glide with ease (and that includes people as well as sex toys..) lube heightens pleasure. Every touch, stroke or lick will feel so much more intense if you use lube.

We recommend opting for a simple water based lube as this is compatible with all condoms and sex toys. Thus removing the worry of what goes with what.

Obviously carrying around a big bottle isn’t practical but a smaller 75ml to 100ml bottles are perfect.

Bondage and BDSM at Swingers Clubs


Throughout the blog we haven’t mentioned Bondage or bondage sex toys. BDSM can be a big part of the swinging scene for many swingers. But bondage equipment is often quite large and cumbersome.

Think about Saint Andrew crosses, whipping stools and cages. Most clubs will be fitted out with a specific bondage area and will provide everything you need to indulge those BDSM fantasies.

How to Find Reputable Swinging Clubs

Looking to find a club near you? You can jump on the net and browse and that will get the job done. Or you could jump on Fab Swingers; a free website created for swingers by swingers.


The best sex toys for swingers are those that meet the individual needs of the people using them. Before purchasing sex toys consider:

  • What turns you on?
  • What do you want your sex toy to bring to the party?
  • How is your chosen toy powered?
  • Is it travel friendly?
  • Ease of use
  • How much are you prepared to spend?

When it comes to specifics about what you can and can’t take to a club, what to wear, facilities and rules; all swinging events are different. So our best advice before you head out to party is to do your research. Jump on the website and check out the members guidance. This can include dress codes, club rules and information about events.

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