Can Men Use Rabbit Vibrators

Can Men Use Rabbit Vibrators?

Can men use rabbit vibrators? Yes is the simple answer. But that wouldn’t be much of a blog would it? So let us expand a little…

A silicone rabbit vibrator with clitoral stimulator.

Vibrators have long been associated as a sex toy for women and even more so in the case of the Rampant Rabbit or Rabbit Vibrator. But times are changing people. The gender stereotypes that have existed for so long are slowly being broken down. Meaning everyone, regardless of gender, can enjoy the vibrant vibrator in all its glory. And yes, that includes the rabbit vibrator… yippee!

It’s true that the rabbit vibrator was born out of a need to satisfy women’s pleasure. The design alone gives that away. Targeting both the clitoris and g-spot simultaneously for both internal and external stimulation, the rabbit is an expert in blended orgasms But this versatile bunny is perfectly happy,  and more than capable of turning its attention to those of us with a penis.

Let passionbugs share a few ways in which you can use a rabbit vibrator if you have a penis.

Can Men Use Rabbit Vibrators for External Stimulation?

Men's Nipples

What do you think?… Of course they can.

The vibrating shaft of the toy produces deep rumbling vibrators that will thrill any erogenous zone it comes into contact with. Try it on zones such as the penis and nipples. It is also firm enough to be used in much the same way as you would use a vibrating wand. Making it a great tool for a sensual massage. Try running it along the inside of the thighs, down the spine and across the bottom for some seriously sensual foreplay.

The vibrating ears of the rabbit vibrator are ideal for targeted stimulation on a smaller or more sensitive area such as the perineum and testicles. The bulbous tip of any rabbit, is perfect for gently massaging the perineum and with patience and practice you may be able to achieve a perineum orgasm.  Often neglected during sex, the perineum is the third most erogenous zone after the penis and testicles so tapping into this pleasure zone has to be worth investigating.

You may also enjoy tucking the frenulum (posh word for Banjo) between the two bunny ears for some intense stimulation of a highly sensitive spot often lacking attention during sex and masturbation. Wondering what the frenulum is, or where it is located? It’s the part of the penis where the foreskin meets the underside of your member. It looks like a small V situated just below the head.

A word of warning – rabbit vibrators are one of the most powerful vibrators so always start on a slow setting and work your way up through the gears.

Can Men Use Rabbit Vibrators to Elevate a Hand Job or Blow Job?

Can Men Use Rabbit Vibrators

Why wouldn’t they?

Let’s face it, unless you’re an avid gym goer, hand jobs can be tiring. So if you want to save your energy or help out a flagging lover thrown in a rabbit vibrator. Stroking the shaft up and down the penis is a great addition to any hand job or blow job. The extra sensation and different type of stimulation is sure to have toes curling in no time at all.

Can Men Use Rabbit Vibrators for Anal Sex?


Anybody can use a rabbit vibrator anally. Male, female, intersex…gender is irrelevant because we all have a butt hole!

Vulva owners are able to achieve a blended orgasms from the dual clitoris and G-spot stimulation these bunny provide. And a similar sensation can be achieved anally for penis owners when the shaft and ears combine to stimulate the prostate and perineum together.

This works best with a curved shaft as it will target the P-Spot more effectively. You may also want to consider using a slimline rabbit if you are new to this type of backdoor play.  

We recommend lashing of a good anal lube as well as being sure to go slow and steady. Just until your body and anal muscles are all warmed up.

The muscles in your booty are incredibly strong so rabbits that have rotating beads along the shaft may struggle as the muscles will grip the rotating beads preventing them from turning and possibly causing damage to your toy.

Best Rabbit Vibrators for Men

Here are our top picks for those of you with a penis looking for a bunny.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Greedy Girl Slimline Vibrator

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Slimline Rabbit Vibrator

  • For lovers of dual pleasure zone stimulation.
  • Features 3 speeds and also 9 vibration patterns for your ultimate satisfaction.
  • Rechargeable via USB, this rabbit vibrator has a run time of 40 minutes.
  • Powerful and at the same time, whisper-quiet.
  • Includes a luxurious satin bag so it is perfect for gifting and discreet storage.
Satisfyer Hot Lover G Spot Rabbit Vibrator Silver App Control

Satisfyer Hot Lover Warming Vibrator with App Control

  • A temperature-controlled vibrator to get you hot in all the right places!
  • Features the award-winning app for endless play opportunities alone, with your lover or around the world.
  • Rechargeable via USB, so no battery stress.
  • Register for a 15-year warranty.
  • App controlled makes for easy control of the toy when its in hard to reach places!
Loving Joy Flex Rechargeable Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

Loving Joy Flex Rechargeable Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

  • Iconic best-selling design with the added bonus of bend.
  • A bendable shaft means you can shape this shaft to the curvature of your own body.
  • Thrilling dual motors provide double the fun.
  • Completely waterproof so you can enjoy it in the shower or the bathtub.
  • 10 super sexy settings for your ultimate delight.

Partnered Play

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G Spot Rabbit Vibrator
  • Playing with a Rabbit Vibrator doesn’t have be something you do alone. Introducing a rabbit vibe into foreplay and during sex can really turn up the passion. Here a few things you might like to try:
  • Put on an erotic show for your partner by using the rabbit on yourself.
  • Give control to your partner by inviting them to use the rabbit on you.Put their pleasure in your hands by using the rabbit on them.
  • Use the rabbit vibrator to stimulate nipples, butts and any other area you please whilst engaged in sexual intercourse.

If you are sharing the rabbit or using it anally be mindful of hygiene. Be sure to clean the rabbit carefully with a toy cleaner or soap and water. Alternatively pop a condom onto the shaft and simply swap it for a new one as you switch between holes or partners.

So come on men. What are you waiting for? Can men use a rabbit vibrator? Yes they can! Get in on the action by shopping our full range here.

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