How Can I Make My Penis Bigger

How Can I Make My Penis Bigger?

What Is A Penis Pump?

If you’ve ever laid in bed wondering how can I make my penis bigger?, you’re probably not alone. Because for many people, the size of their private assets is a significant part of feeling confident in the bedroom. Worries about being too small, too thin or not being able to last the distance, are all too common. Like everything else in life, we often compare ourselves to the unrealistic expectations of social media, the movies and the untruths of other people’s exaggerations. Some men even believe that having a bigger cock will help them to be a better lover.

So let’s put a few things into perspective. According to recent research, the typical erect willy size in the UK ranges enticingly between 3.5 to 5.8 inches. Knowing this may or may not make you feel better about your own pecker.

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Reasons to Want a Bigger Penis

Sometimes people don’t want a bigger willy because they feel their our own is lacking. There are other reasons to wanting to add a little extra depth:

The opportunity to explore different sizes and girths with our partner

  • Exploring new ways to play
  • Spicing up foreplay and fun
  • Role play and Power play
  • BDSM
  • Wanting a fuller erection for a partner

If you are looking to boost your bulge or firm up your fella, then look no further. Here at passionbugs, we have the equipment and the know how to get you standing loud and proud in the bedroom.

How to Get a Bigger Penis Using Sex Toys

When it comes to getting a bigger slong, surgery can not only be expensive, it can also be risky and timely. Whereas sex toys are a quick, easy, simple and relatively affordable solution. And there are plenty of options to choose from.

  • Cock Rings
  • Penis Sleeves
  • Penis Extenders
  • Straps Ons
  • Penis Pumps

All of these sex toys and essentials will make a willy look and feel bigger and can help to improve sexual stamina and performance too. Bigger penis, better lover…. Looking good so far!

Cock Rings

Durex Pleasure Ring Cock Ring

Cock rings have been around since the Jin Dynasty (266-420 AD). A tried and tested aid to a firmer, fuller erection, cock rings can be used for masturbation, sexual intercourse and even oral sex.

Whilst they may appear to have magical powers, the science behind a cock ring is very simple. An erection occurs when chemical messages from the brain cause the arteries inside to relax (We recognise this as getting turn on or aroused) Relaxation of these arteries means more blood can flow into the penis. Popping a cock ring on to the base traps blood inside. Abracadabra, fuller, firmer cock that should also last longer between the sheets.

But their magic tricks don’t end there. Cock rings will not only make you look bigger, they can also add exciting new dimensions to sexy time.

  • Clitoral stimulation
  • Perineum stimulation
  • Vibrations
  • Added textures

Penis Sleeves & Extenders

Loving Joy Mighty 3 Inch Penis Extender with Ball Loop On

A penis sleeve can also known as a penis sheath or penis extender sleeve. But whatever you call them, these sleeves are an instant way to add an extra helping of girth and length. Typically made from soft, skin like materials such as silicone, a penis sleeve is worn over the penis in much the same way you would wear a condom. Sleeves and extenders are suitable for both masturbation and intercourse. They can be very realistic, adding only a modest amount to your own tackle. Or they can be extreme, adding more than is humanly possible.

And in addition to bulking up your junk, extenders may also:

  • Extend performance
  • Enable play to continue even after ejaculation
  • Provide added excitement via stimulating textures and vibrations

Strap Ons

A strap on dildo won’t make your own penis any bigger but it can be worn over your own during sex for exploring penetrative pleasures. Strap ons offer the opportunity to experiment with different penetration sizes, and girth, adding a new dimension to your sexy time.

Penis Pumps

Pumped Classic Penis Pump Black Main

A question that gets asked a lot when it comes to penis pumps is “Do penis pumps actually work?”. And the answer is yes!

Most pumps are typically a cylindrical tube that fits over the penis. The pumping action draws air out of the tube creating a vacuum. This causes pressure to build up in the cylinder. The pressure in the encourages blood flow into the penis. This in turn causes the shaft and the head, to swell. Erectile tissues expand and you get a penis that not only looks and feels bigger. But is also stronger and firmer.

It is important to use a pump regularly to maintain the best results. If you would like to learn more about using pumps? Never fear… check out the passionbugs blog “How To Use a Penis Pump“.

In Conclusion

When all is said and done, size isn’t everything… as the saying goes “it’s what you do with it that counts”. And having a bigger dong won’t necessarily make you a better lover.

But adding sex toys to your bedroom repertoire will guarantee a lot of fun. It’s important to remember that all of these solutions can only provide a temporary enhancement. They do not substitute surgery and they will never be able to turn a chipolata into a saveloy. But they can ensure you get the maximum level of performance from your penis and have it looking its best.

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