What Are Vibrating Eggs

What Are Vibrating Eggs?

A silicone love egg vibrator with black remote control.

There are a group of sex toys known as eggs. These include Kegel balls and jiggle balls, love egg vibrators and vibrating eggs. All are very similar in shape, size and appearance. But what are vibrating eggs? And what can they do for you?

In this blog we want to give you the low down on these very special toys.

Vibrating eggs are not all they appear to be. Oh no… take a closer look and you will find more they are so much more than just sex toys.

As society becomes more open to talking about bodies, identities and sexuality, it is also becoming more aware of the need to keep the most intimate parts healthy and exercised. From better mental health, to lowering the risk of illness; sex and masturbation are widely accepted as being good for us. But, just like attempting to get to the gym 3 times a week, or remembering to drink 2 litres of water a day…all too often, our busy lives (and trips to the bathroom!) take over and sex can be forgotten about.

Here at passionbugs we have a little sexy trick up our sleeves that will see you taking a giant step towards a healthy, happier, more satisfied you. It doesn’t require squeezing into Lycra and it won’t see you popping to the loo every 5 minutes.

Let’s talk vibrating eggs and Kegel exercise.

What Do Vibrating Eggs Do?

Alive 10 Function Remote Controlled Magic Egg 3 0 Pink Holding

Vibrating eggs can be known by many different aliases. For example, Jiggle Balls, Kegel Balls, Love Eggs or Ben Wa balls. And whilst all are slightly different in their own way; they all deliver rousing Kegel exercise.

The stand out feature of these eggs is (you’ve guessed it) they vibrate. This sets them apart from the Jiggle Balls, Ben Wa Balls and Kegel Balls which rarely vibrate.

Shaped just like an egg, it is worn inside the vagina. This is then operated externally using a remote control, Bluetooth control or even App control via your mobile phone.

These clever sex toys work by encouraging the pelvic muscles to grip the egg, building strength. It’s like a mini workout for your bits.

Here are a few of our favourite Vibrating Eggs to get you started.

Loving Joy Remote Controlled Vibrating Egg

Loving Joy Remote Controlled Vibrating Egg

  • A remote controlled love egg in pretty pink
  • Go the distance with with up to 20 feet/ 6 meters of reach
  • 10 powerful settings give plenty of erotic options no matter what your mood
  • Waterproof so you can enjoy splishy splashy fun
  • Take your foreplay to another level or fly solo for knee trembling action
Alive 10 Function Remote Controlled Magic Egg 3.0 Black

Alive 10 Function Remote Controlled Magic Egg

  • Indulge in your internal desires.
  • 10 exciting vibration modes to explore whether alone or with your lover.
  • Designed for easy insertion and absolute comfort.
  • Small and discreet so great for travel-friendly fun.
  • For both internal and external stimulation as the flexible tip provides egg…cellent clitoral massage.
Svakom Elva Rechargeable Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator Purple

Svakom Elva Rechargeable Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator

  • A stunningly beautiful vibrator that provides complete satisfaction both internally and externally.
  • 26 thrilling modes for endless pleasurable possibilities all at the touch of an easy to use wireless remote control.
  • The perfect partner for a naughty night in or out. Pass your lover the remote and let them control the fun.
  • This vibrator is whisper quiet, but do you trust yourself to be the same?
  • Entirely waterproof so you can enjoy wet and wild fun in the bath and the shower.

What is Kegel Exercise?

Kegel exercise is activity designed to strengthen the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is the part of the body that looks after things such as peeing, pooping and crucially…sex. Having a strong pelvic floor is important for a whole heap of reasons.

  • Preventing urinary incontinence
  • Reducing lower back pain
  • Improving posture
  • Having good bladder control
  • And most importantly… great sex!
Double Ended Dildos

Kegel exercises will help to strengthen these internal muscles. The result being a tighter, healthier vagina. And when you have a tight vagina sex can feel even better. The heightened sensations from those new and improved vaginal walls will mean you can enjoy longer and more intense orgasms.

Your partner will benefit too. You will be able to grip them harder for longer… The same goes for solo play. If you are using sex toys such as dildos you will have a firmer hold of these too. Making for a fuller, and more satisfying experience. Who doesn’t want a piece of that?!

Now, you could spend lots of time lying on your back, hips raised, attempting to squeeze those internal parts in all manner of aerobic ways. OR… you can invest in a Love Egg.

What’s the Difference Between Vibrating Eggs, Jiggle Balls and Ben Wa Balls?

Me You Us Jiggle Balls

Not a lot is the simple answer.

Jiggle Balls are aimed at providing sexual pleasure. Whilst they don’t vibrate, they do contain oscillating weights that move as the body moves. It is this movement that provides both the exercise and better still, incredible internal sensations. Warning… things will get horny!

Ben Wa Balls are weighted balls. Again they are worn inside the vagina but they’re designed with the primary mission of strengthening the pelvic floor.

Perhaps the only real difference between Jiggle Balls and Ben Wa Balls, is the intention they are bought for. Buying for sexual pleasure? Then plump for the love eggs or jiggle balls. Buying more for Kegel exercise? Go for the Ben Wa Balls or specific Kegel Exercise kits.

So what are you waiting for? Get cracking.

How to Use Vibrating Eggs

Familiarise yourself with how your love egg works outside of the body before you jump straight in. Make sure you know how to operate the different settings and you feel comfortable with the controls. This is going to save any fumbling around later.

Apply a little water based lubricant to the egg vibrator before gently inserting into the vagina. Once inside you can push the egg further by using your finger. Be sure to leave the retrieval loop or cord outside of your body. This ensures safe retrieval when play comes to an end.

Now it’s just a case of enjoying yourself! Explore the different vibration settings to discover what feels best for you.

As well as being a great toy for solo play, love eggs are a wonderful addition to couples play.

A topless couple embracing and laughing.

How to Use Vibrating Eggs & Jiggle Balls as a Couples

  • Try masturbating whilst wearing them to experience a different, more intense kind of climax.
  • Use them to spice up foreplay.
  • Pop them in before giving or receiving oral sex.
  • Wear them whilst having anal sex for another dimension of sensation.
  • Power play – hand the control to your lover and put your pleasure in their hands.
  • Make a date night extra hot by popping the eggs/ balls inside before heading out to your favourite restaurant.

Top Tip – Popping them in a hour before sex will warm you up for the main event.

Which Vibrating Eggs Should I Choose?

Like anything in life, the best option for you will very much depend on your personal preferences. But there are few things worth considering when making your choice.

Budget – look at affordability. If it is the first time trying this type of toy then maybe go for a cheaper option to start with. Just to be sure you enjoy the experience before you invest too much of your hard earned cash.

Activity – what is it you want from this toy? Do you intend to use it more for sexual pleasure or for Kegel exercise? And then select the appropriate category to browse.

Is it for couples play? – if you want to use your eggs for couples play then you may want to go for a product that is remote controlled. If you live apart from your partner, then you may prefer an app controlled product so you can play together even when you are apart.

Sexual Lubricant in Transparent Pump Bottle

Finally think about investing in some lube. All sex toys benefit from a generous helping of lube. Love eggs especially like a drop of lovely lube. Insertion and removal is a cinch when lube gets involved. Things just glide and slide more easily helping to reduce friction and make play more comfortable. Lube will also heighten sensitivity so you get maximum impact. If you have a silicone toy then choosing a water based lube is best.

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