Sleeves and Strokers

Thankfully we have moved on from the Victorian view that masturbation is self-polluting, abusive and both a moral and physical evil with some Victorians even believing that masturbation caused insanity! Nowadays it is widely accepted that masturbation is a normal healthy practice that even has proven health benefits such as aiding a good nights sleep and reducing stress levels.

A Quick Guide to Sleeves and Strokers

Sleeves and strokers are some of the most popular male sex toys and there’s a very good reason for that. Because although they are simple in design, they magnify the humble five-finger shuffle and elevate it effortlessly to a toe-curling, leg shaking orgasmic event each and every time. Sleeves and strokers are made from soft, flexible materials that stretch around your penis. They are exceptionally easy to use and require no instruction manual. Simply apply a good amount of lube, insert your penis into the sleeve or stroker and enjoy!


Benefits of Sleeves and Strokers

Not only are sleeves and strokers great tools for masturbation they actually improve sexual performance. The act of using a sleeve or stroker over time will advance sexual stamina. This means that you can perform better in bed and ensure both you and your partner reach the orgasms you deserve.
Finally, don’t forget sleeves and strokers are not exclusive to solo play. Introduce an open-ended stroker into oral sex for a blow job you won’t forget. Alternatively, ask your partner to give you a hand job using a stroker. A clear stroker will enable you both to watch each gratifying stroke, therefore heightening the experience for you both.

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