Massage Oils & Gels

Our skin is the most sensitive part of our body so when we increase its perception, we increase our pleasure. Nothing is more sensual or erotic than an all-over body massage. Oils and gels intensify the experience of massage, making it a perfect prelude to sex. Spice things up with a flavoured massage oil or set the desired mood with one of our aromatherapy massage oils.


A Guide to Massage

This guide to massage aims to show you nobody needs to be a professional masseuse. Anyone can give a sensual, sexy or saucy massage. We all know that our skin is the most sensitive part of our body. Heighten the skin’s sensitivity and you heighten any sexual experience. A sensual massage can provide the perfect prelude to sex but has many other benefits besides its superpower to arouse. In a world of ever-increasing pressures, stresses, and fast-paced living, a massage can provide a moment to pause. A massage is an opportunity to forget everything else and to simply spend time with the one you love away from the hustle and bustle of everyday monotony.

Touch is a powerful tool to bring you and your partner closer together. Research demonstrates that the simple act of touch gives rise to intimacy whilst also relieving stress. Stress is linked to many health concerns including sexual dysfunctions. Massage and sexual activity are shown to relieve these symptoms. So kiss goodbye to stress and strain by spending some quality time with your partner and enjoying a massage.

Here are a few hints to help you on your way.

Create The Right Atmosphere

To be sensual, sexy or relax we need the right setting. There will be no hope of romantic adventures if the children are running riot or the dog is asleep at the end of your bed.

  • Remove unwanted distractions -You have promised yourselves some quality time together so turn off the TV, the radio and your phones. Distractions such as these will only prove to kill the mood.
  • Lighting - Dim the lights, light some candles or even try some fairy lights. Having softer lighting helps to relax us. Softer lighting can also help us be more confident, enabling us to try new things as we are less conscious of what people can see.
  • Temperature - Make sure the room is warm. Massage inevitably means losing our clothes. There will be nothing romantic about being massaged if we are shivering for all the wrong reasons.
  • Take your time - Massages need to be slow. They are not something to be rushed. The simple act of touching the skin can ignite anticipation, arouse urges or make your partner gasp for breath. Linger as you caress their body. Every stroke should send an unspoken message such as “I adore your body”, “I lust you” or “You are my world”

When you begin the massage ensure the first touch is determined. A firm and decisive first touch provides reassurance to your partner. It tells them they are safe and thus enables them to relax and enjoy themselves.
Thereafter go with what feels right. Lay your hands flat against their body, splay your fingers and follow the contours of your lover. Remember slow will always feel more sensual and will be more arousing.

Take Your Time

Take time to explore the key erogenous zones such as the neck, the ear lobes, the waist, above the stomach and between the thighs. Talk to your partner about what they like, what they prefer and where they want to be touched. This communication alone can be most stimulating. Some people will enjoy a foot and calf massage more than a back rub whilst others may find a simple hand massage more of a turn on.

Fingertips are not the only tool you have at your disposal. Mix things up by using your thumbs and giving a deeper more purposeful contact. Pressing, kneading and rolling the thumbs against the body is ideal for removing tension from the muscles. Press your thumbs against the chosen body part and then smoothly move them away from you ensuring you use their full extension. Alternatively, move each thumb, one after the other to create a rolling motion that will target knots and tight spots providing instant relief to your partner. This works really well on the back, shoulders, feet and thighs. Finally, think about using your mouth and your lips. These gentler touches add a further dimension to the massage and create further anticipation as your partner won’t know where you are going next or how the touch will feel.

Remember an erotic massage is a perfect way to connect physically and emotionally and turn someone on, so what are you waiting for? If you need more information than this guide to massage provides browse our range of massage oils and gels. Each product contains information to help you.  Now get ready to spend a night reeling in ecstasy!