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At passionbugs, we know how to turn up the pleasure. Whether you’re just dipping your toe into the world of sex toys, or you’re already a connoisseur, we have toys for all levels of experience. From dildos to butt plugs, our range of the best adult toys will ensure your next sexual adventure is orgasmic. Plus, with 100% discreet delivery and billing, your secret is our secret.

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We’ve Got a Sex Toy for Everyone

Discover a world of sexual adventure and journey to orgasmic heights with adult toys that cater for every conceivable fantasy. Whether you're just starting out on your expedition, or you're well versed, you're sure to find your next exciting escapade here at passionbugs.

Whether you're in pursuit of the best male masturbator, seeking out your first dildo or on a mission to find the hottest vibrator, we have a sex toy to help you realise your deepest desires.

This wondrous world doesn’t care about age, gender, sexuality or experience; its only care is your pleasure. So, whether you're on a solo excursion or a quest as a couple, take a trek into our range of sex toys and discover your next travel companion.

With toys for him, toys for her, couple's toys and toys for personal pleasure, we have it all!

Build Sexual Intimacy with Sex Toys for Couples

Not everyone is comfortable talking about their bedroom antics and there are many who would deny they have ever had an impure thought, let alone admit they own a vibrator, but the simple fact is that millions of normal couples use adult toys to enhance their relationships. Day after day, night after night, couple’s sex toys are rekindling fires that once burnt bright and recouping passions long-forgotten within our hectic daily lives.

Couples toys such as love eggs, magic wands and cock rings can hold the key to reclaiming intimacy, rediscovering desire and ultimately to building a closer, healthier and more joyful relationship with your partner.

It's not just your relationship that will thank you. Welcome couple's toys into your boudoir and reap the rewards of enhanced sexual satisfaction and oodles of orgasms.

How to Choose Your First Sex Toy

Shopping can feel daunting! But it doesn’t need to; just take a moment to consider the essentials.

First, think about what arouses you most. If you’re turned on by penetration, then a dildo could be the toy for you. If you relish the thought of your nipples or navel being roused, then a vibrator might be best.

Next, let’s talk size. Be realistic about what you’ll be comfortable using. Start small, you can always go bigger next time. Additionally, aim for a toy that’s simple to use; no one wants to be reading a manual at this time!

Finally, consider practicality. If you’ve got flatmates, you may want a quiet toy. If you need to keep your toys hidden, choose one that can be popped discreetly in a drawer.

Above all, choose one to make you smile - this is your treat!

Buy Sex Toys Online at passionbugs

At passionbugs, we understand that shopping for sex toys can be a scary and sometimes even daunting experience. Shopping for adult toys online eliminates any awkwardness or embarrassment, allowing you to feel comfortable.

We are proud of our customer service team who are always approachable and friendly. We're here 7 days a week to help you with your next adult toy online purchase - chat to us via live chat or contact us via email. We're pretty clued up on our sex toys to give you an online shopping experience that is as carefree as possible.

No need to worry about discretion - stealth mode is second nature here at passionbugs. All orders are shipped in plain boxes with nothing other than your name and address on the packaging. Billing is also 100% discreet, with all payments showing as 'PB Online' on your statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply wash your sex toys with warm water and soap after every use. For added peace of mind, we recommend investing in a high-quality toy cleaner. Most toy cleaners only require you to spray your toys all over before wiping clean and leaving to dry. Cleaning your toys after every use will keep them looking great and delivering maximum pleasure.

Most airports have no problem with you carrying sex toys but you may want to store them in a suitcase in the hold to avoid any embarrassment. Check that the country you are travelling to allows sex toys as they are banned in some parts of the world such as Malaysia, the Maldives, Saudi Arabia and Alabama in the USA.

If you are keen to try sex toys with your partner, introduce the subject gently into conversation. Ask your partner how they would feel about trying something together. Buying your partner a beginner friendly sex toy as a gift can be a great conversation starter. Shopping for adult toys together can also be a highly arousing experience.

Provided you are having a normal and healthy pregnancy, using sex toys is fine. Many women find their sex drive heightened during pregnancy thanks to increased levels of hormones in the body. Add this to the increased blood flow to the vagina and it’s no wonder you’re feeling amorous. Just remember to keep your sex toys clean to avoid infections.

With a partner or on your own, adding lube to any sexual activity will heighten pleasure. There are lubes for every type of sexual activity; the right lube for you depends on where you’re going to put it. When it comes to anal play, lube is a must – you’ll need a high-quality anal lube to ensure comfort and long-lasting play.

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