Anal Toys

Show your butt some love with our bootylicious range of anal toys that and tap into some explosive sensations. Because whether you're a newbie to the world of anal toys or an experienced player, our range has something for everyone. Discover a whole new avenue of pleasure with Anal Beads, Male Prostate Toys, Butt Plugs and Anal Dildos.


A Guide to Anal Toys

Ever tried anal play? If not, why not! Anal toys literally open a whole new avenue of fun. Your butt is the most responsive erogenous zone of your body crammed full of super-sensitive nerve endings. The only way you are going to stimulate this untapped pleasure is with anal toys. This quick guide to anal toys shows how toys, such as anal beads and butt plugs, trigger nerve endings that heighten arousal during intercourse, oral sex and masturbation. Vaginal muscles relax resulting in intensified orgasms, while penile muscles are stimulated making erections harder. Now that we’ve stirred your curiosity, go ahead and browse our anal toy collection. Your butt and your orgasms will thank you!

Anal Beads

These sleek beads are the ideal way to begin exploring anal play and to tap into the much underused erogenous zone – the sweet, sweet, P-spot. Before using Anal Beads it is important that you apply a generous amount of anal lube to both yourself and the beads. Then, slowly insert them one bead at a time. You don’t need to insert all the beads, just as many as you are happy with. The versatile beads can be slid in and out of the body during play or they can be inserted and simply left - much like a butt plug during solo play, intercourse or oral sex. Remove the beads at the point of climax to intensify your orgasm and take your pleasure to new heights.

Anal Dildos

Anal dildos will sometimes be slimmer than the other dildos. They will often be smooth and contoured for ease of insertion. All good Anal Dildos will have a flared base so you can rest assured knowing it won’t be going off on its own adventure, never to be seen again! Thanks to their flared base, many anal dildos can also be used with a harness - making them ideal for pegging play and as strap-ons.

Anal Vibrators

As the name suggests, an anal vibrator is a vibrator for your butt. Like vaginal vibrators, Anal Vibrators come in every conceivable size and shape to suit every booty. All good anal vibrators will feature a flared base or finger loops for easy retrieval as well as a tapered head. If you desire P-spot stimulation look for a contoured toy.

Vibrating Butt Plugs

These toys deliver powerful sensations throughout your anus, including those hard to reach nerve endings! As a result, Vibrating Butt Plugs can make your climax even more intense, whether you're masturbating or having sex with a partner.

Metal and Glass Butt Plugs

Ideal for temperature play, Metal and Glass Butt Plugs can be heated up in hot water or cooled down in the fridge to add another exciting dimension to your exploration. A cold butt plug will cause the muscles to contract, giving you a very intense feeling which will result in a shudder of pleasure. Hot butt plugs cause the blood vessels to dilate, increasing the blood flow in the anus and heightening stimulation. Metal and glass butt plugs are super smooth, making insertion easier, and because they are non-porous they are hygienic and easy to clean. They are also eco-friendly as this type of plug can be recycled.

Wooden Butt Plugs

In contrast to butt plugs made of silicone or plastic, Wooden Butt Plugs are 100% free of harmful substances and safe for your body – quite relevant considering where the toy touches you! Get passionate about yourself and the planet with an eco-friendly wooden butt plug.

Male Prostate Toys

Specifically designed to stimulate the most sensitive zone of any man, the prostate gland, Male Prostate Toys help to achieve infinitely more intense orgasms. Ensure easy and comfortable use by applying an anal lube to both yourself and the toy before insertion. If you are new to this experience, you can find the P-spot a couple of inches inside the anus on the wall closest to the stomach. The key to prostate massagers is to relax. Once you get to grips with using a prostate massager you won’t look back. Tap into your erogenous zone, the P-spot, and discover a new level of ecstasy!

Top tips for Anal Play

  • If you are a beginner, start small and take your time. There are occasions in life for jumping in with both feet, butt now is not the time! The anus muscles are similar to your biceps - they need to be trained. Trust us, these workouts are much more fun than the gym!
  • Don’t believe all the horror stories about people ending up in A&E with anal toy-related accidents. All good anal toys come with a flared base to anchor the toys firmly outside the body, leaving you nothing to worry about except which one to choose.
  • Lube is not optional! Unlike our vaginas and mouths, our booties do not self-lubricate and you will need a high-quality anal lube to ensure comfort and long-lasting play. Always apply lube to both yourself and the anal toy before insertion. Silicone lube will last longer than a water-based lube but has the disadvantage of breaking down silicone toys over time.
  • Anal toys are not just for men. For women, a butt plug creates increased pressure on the back vaginal wall. This heightens the pleasure created by a dildo, vibrator or penis so when it comes to climaxing, orgasmic contractions around a butt plug feel more intense and stimulate those all-important nerve endings that usually get overlooked.

If you can’t find the information you need in this quick guide to anal toys, jump on our live chat where a team member can help answer any remaining questions. At passionbugs, we know our butts!