Just like all of us, these sex toys come in every size and shape! Our range of Small Dildos are perfect for beginners, whilst our range of Large Dildos take pleasure to the next level. Fulfil your fantasies with one of our Realistic Dildos or experiment with temperature with one of our Glass Dildos.


A Quick Guide to Dildos

With a huge range of textures, materials and functionalities you might want a few tips to help you chose your perfect dildo. Be warned, stopping at just one might be difficult!

  • Double Ended Dildos –These dildos are the perfect couples toy as you share vaginal or anal pleasure together. Alternatively these flexible dildos allow you simultaneous double penetration for dazzling solo play.
  • Suction Cup Dildos – Designed for hands free enjoyment the strong suction cup allows you to stick the dildo to a flat clean surface such as a bath, shower wall or hard floor before climbing aboard and riding to your hearts content.
  • Realistic Dildos – They are exactly what they say they are. Moulded to replicate the look and feel of a real penis they have textured veins and a prominent head to give you the ultimate lifelike experience. Available in a huge range of lengths, girths and colours there is something for everyone’s taste. A wide range of different materials are available. Silicone is generally a bit firmer, while TRE or PVC gives a flexible feel that some people find is closer to the real deal.
  • Harness Dildos – Ideal for pegging. For heterosexual couples, pegging is a great way to play with role-reversal. For lesbian couples, strap on dildos provide the perfect toy for deep vaginal penetration. Whilst a lot of harnesses come with their own strap on dildo, most dildos that have a flat base or a strong suction cup can be used with a strap on harness just as long as they can fit through the ‘o' ring. For men that may struggle with premature ejaculation or erectile disfunction a hollow strap on can enable a fuller sex life that leaves you both far less frustrated and far more satisfied.
  • Glass Dildos – Ideal for temperature play these dildos can be heated up in hot water or cooled down in the fridge to give another exciting dimension to your exploration. Being firm they are great for p spot and g spot stimulation plus they make fantastic massage wands. Glass is super smooth making insertion easier and because they are non-porous they are hygienic and easy to clean not forgetting they are eco-friendly as this type of dildo can be recycled along with other household glass.
  • Wooden Dildos – In contrast to dildos made of silicone or plastic, this natural product is 100% free of harmful substances and safe for your body – quite relevant considering where the toy touches you. Be passionate about yourself and the planet.

For those just starting out on their journey of sex toy discovery, our collection of small dildos offers an excellent place to begin. For those with a little more experience, our range of large dildos are the perfect toys for a totally fulfilling experience. Check out our selection of realistic dildos to get as close as possible to the real thing, or give our glass dildos a try if you’re interested in experimenting with temperature.

Can’t find the information you need about a dildo? Jump on our live chat where one of our team members will help to answer any of your remaining questions. At passionbugs, we know our dildos!

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