Male Sex Toys

Our extensive range of male sex toys has everything you need for an explosive night-in – either alone or with your partner! Start with our range of Male Masturbators, then turn up the pleasure with one of our Male Vibrators. For a full-body orgasm, discover our range of popular Prostate Massagers.


Popular Male Sex Toys

Browse our range of the best selling male sex toys. Whether you're looking to enhance your sexual performance, boost the size of your penis or simply find a toy that delivers big time on a happy ending, passionbugs are only too pleased to help. And remember boys, these male sex toys aren't just for your pleasure and solo play. Why not introduce them to a naughty night with your partner?

  • Male Masturbators – Affordable and so easy to use, sleeves and strokers are one of the bestselling male sex toys. Simply apply the lube, insert your penis and then move your hand up and down the shaft at the speed and intensity, you desire. Handheld sleeves and strokers come as different orifices so you can choose to replicate vaginal intercourse, anal penetration or a fantastic blow job.
  • Vibrating Sleeves and Stokers – Powered by batteries these ingenious male sex toys add another dimension to your self-pleasure by delivering penetrating vibrations in addition to the stroking.
  • Fleshlights - The best selling male masturbator on the market with over 13 million sold worldwide. The moulded stroker sleeve comes housed in an attractive and sturdy canister that resembles an ordinary flashlight, allowing for simple and discreet storage. Containing an ultra-soft Superskin material gives an experience as close to the real deal as possible. If you want a hands free option, invest in the Fleshlight Shower Mount. This can be attached to any flat smooth surface to provide a hands-free hand job!
  • Penis Pumps – Wish you had a few more inches or that extra helping of girth? Penis pumps are a sensationally exciting way to grow your tackle and train it to be better performing, longer-lasting and harder. They work by drawing extra blood into the penis giving it a full-on workout which in turn helps to prolong your erections. Get that penis to its very own gym and you will find this type of workout a lot more fun! Grow not only your penis but also your confidence in the bedroom with our range of penis pumps to suit everyone’s wallet.

Anal Toys

  • Prostate Massagers – Specifically designed to stimulate the most sensitive zone of any man – his prostate gland, these exciting toys help to achieve infinitely more intense orgasms. Ensure easy and comfortable use by applying an anal lube to both yourself and the toy before insertion. If you are new to this experience you can find the P spot a couple of inches inside the anus on the wall closest to the stomach. The key to prostate massagers is to relax. Once you get to grips with using a prostate massager you won't look back. Tap into your sleeping erogenous zone the p spot and discover a new level of ecstasy.
  • Anal Beads – These sleek beads are the ideal way to begin exploring anal play and to tap into the much underused erogenous zone – the sweet, sweet, p spot. It is important that you apply a generous amount of anal lube to both yourself and the beads. Then slowly insert them one bead at a time. You don’t need to insert all the beads, just as many as you are happy with. The versatile beads can be slid in and out of the body during play or they can be inserted and simply left much like a butt plug during solo play, intercourse or oral sex. Removing the beads at the point of climax will intensify your orgasm to new heights.


  • TENGA Cups – Tenga Cups are strokers that have a sleeve contained within the cup. The cup benefits from vacuum technology providing super realistic sucking sensations at an intensity you can control. TENGA cups are reusable and are easy to clean after use. A range of sizes provides different experiences from super tight to deep throat and everything in between.
  • TENGA Eggs – A revolutionary male sex toy contained within a discreet egg. A variety of textured sleeves provides endless choices for you to enjoy your best orgasm ever! These little beauties stretch to fit any size. Simply crack them open, add the enclosed pouch of lube and enjoy knee-trembling sensations from the super-tactile ribbed sleeves.

Male Orgasms

Male sex toys are growing in popularity as more of us discover the many advantages of sex toys for men.  Males sex toys help us to explore the male G-spot. Doing so unlocks one of the most effective ways for men to achieve more powerful orgasms.

Research has shown that 4 orgasms a week reduces the risk of prostate cancer for men. It can reduce by up to 33%. The average male orgasm lasts for about six seconds. The average female orgasm lasts for about 23 seconds. Invest in some male sex toys and help your man to experience longer-lasting orgasms.

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